2013 Caldecott Books

The Randolph Caldecott Medal, named after the 19th century illustrator, is given out each year to the best American picture book (which is interesting in and of itself since Caldecott was British). The award is selected by the American Library Association, and it is given to the book’s illustrator. The Caldecott committee also selects Honor books—the silver medalists—and the number selected varies from year to year. This year was the 75th anniversary of the Caldecott, which was announced in January at the Youth Media Awards.

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Book Covers © Sophie Brown

Seven Books British Kids Love (and American Kids Will Too)

In many ways British and American culture is very similar, we watch the same TV shows, see the same movies, and read the same books; but in some areas the differences are as wide as the ocean that separates our two countries. Children’s literature is one of those areas. While we might all be sharing our passion for the newest installment of A Song of Ice and Fire or impatiently awaiting Neil Gaiman’s latest offering, the books we’re reading to our children are often worlds apart. So here are seven books that British preschoolers are reading every day and that yours will probably love too.

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