Breaking Geek: Five Steps to Improve Your Relationship with Your DVR

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Last night my husband and I—parents of a two-year-old daughter—finally caught up on Breaking Bad.  Shamefully, we were a full season behind on this show.  Those saved episodes on our DVR kept getting skipped over, often for subpar viewing. It left me wondering just what the heck happened to us? We used to sit down on a Sunday night with Dexter, Breaking Bad, and end on a nightcap of Walking Dead. The absence of quality TV might be explained by our new roles as parents, which left little brain space or down time to enjoy more adult-themed one-hour dramas. But that felt like an excuse. Wanting this to change, we came up with a five-step plan to help us get back to the good stuff on our DVR.

Have a serious talk about what has been sitting on your DVR for a year.

These talks are the hardest to have. Forgive each other for letting some of the best shows on television languish. The first step is realizing you have a problem. Take things at a slow zombie pace and work your way back to the hour long dramas again. You owe it to each other. You owe it to your Facebook friends and your geek cred.

Sooner or later spoilers will catch up with you.

There are just so many months you can do the social media hot lava dance, stepping carefully to avoid spoilers. Get back in the game and get back to sharing what you think about your shows . You know your thoughts and insights are better than that other guy’s. Your Twitter account misses you.

Stop watching 30-minute comedies and mindless reruns.

Sure Seinfeld was an amazing show, but come on, it went off the air more than a decade ago. It is too easy to turn to these old familiar shows to de-stress after a high impact parenting day. The predictable plots and quick wrap-ups  provide a sort of mind-numbing comfort, but they are not as good as the blue stuff and you know it.

Step away from bad reality shows.

Like Jessie on Breaking Bad, a telltale heart can only take the guilt for so long. Give in to the shame of letting your DVR get overrun with housewives and other drivel. Tell your spouse, tell your friends, stage an intervention, and scrub that hard drive clean. Game of Thrones is not too far off on the horizon.

Give in to the bloodlust feelings; Elmo will forgive you.

Most of the popular toddler programming is sweet, educational, fun, and light.  There is a breaking point for adults who watch, though. After so many days of Sesame Street, a sort of primal hunger arises, leaving you looking for some good old fashioned brain eating zombie fun. It is okay to give into the bloodlust; balance is important and your childless friends will thank you for it.

Just remember: No matter how long it has been, it is never too late to break geek. Take the steps, make up with your DVR, join the horde. We understand and forgive you and will be here waiting when you knock again.

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3 thoughts on “Breaking Geek: Five Steps to Improve Your Relationship with Your DVR

  1. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. One day your kids will be old enough that you can watch anything you want. My husband and I have reached that stage. Our kids our grown and they watch Breaking Bad and Dexter also. They turned us onto those show. However, it is hard to break the habit, when you are tired, of putting on the same comedies you’ve seen a million times and watch them over and over. For me it is now HIMYM and Big Bang Theory.

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