World War II-Inspired Mario Brothers Posters

Games GeekMom
Image: Fernando Reza, used with permission.

Where are our Mario Brothers fans out there? I know there are plenty of you! I’m one, thanks to my sons.

Los Angeles graphic artist Fernando Reza has created set of 17 World War II-inspired posters encouraging us to defeat (not support, defeat) the plumbers in many ways, such as donating coins, planting Victory Gardens of piranha plants, and learning magic. These posters are so creative and give props to the original posters from the 1940s. Each of the posters has a logo on it that reads, “The Koopas are Fighting; Why Aren’t You?” Love it!

Reza sells digital and hard copies of the posters starting at $30 at his website, Fro Design Company. Check out the entire collection here.

Which is your favorite? My favorite is the Victory Garden poster (4th from the left on the top row above). It pays homage to the original Victory Garden poster from the 1940s.

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