The Weekly GeekMom Approved Video Playlist

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Is it a blah weekend? Are you stuck between the exhaustion of the summer that has passed and the holiday weekend that is almost upon us? Do you need a YouTube break? You are in luck! We have a nice little list of videos our writers—and some of their kids—have been watching this week. We have some returning contenders, but they are well worth the repeat watch.

Above, Ze Frank shares a stop-motion short on how we try to fit in and finally realize we are all individuals. It is a far more serious piece than I am used to seeing from Ze Frank (I’m addicted to his “True Facts” series about animals). It speaks to me as a geek.

Librarians can make anything better, right? Yes, even Sabotage.

Do you have a theme you would like us to build a list around? Maybe science, kids, music, board games, Doctor Who,… platypuses? Send us your challenge! In the meantime, you can watch this week’s playlist and all previous playlists on our YouTube page.

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