Rachel & The Treeschoolers: A Worthy Kickstarter!

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Courtesy Two Little Hands Productions
Courtesy Two Little Hands Productions

Want to help back a kickstarter project that’s been called “Too educational for TV?” Now’s your chance!

I’ve always been a huge fan of the television series Signing Time, and was extremely excited to check out their new venture: Rachel & The Treeschoolers, and the first episode did not disappoint. This new series features Rachel Coleman (host of Signing Time) and a gang of cartoon preschoolers learning about weather—specifically thunder and lightning. One of the treeschoolers finds the booming sound of thunder scary—and the prescription for not being scared of something is a good dose of knowledge. Rachel & the Treeschoolers walk him through different weather phenomenon through catchy music that doesn’t condescend to or patronize children. It’s clear cut science with a catchy tune. (Those of you who are fans of Signing Time & Baby Signing Time are already aware that Rachel Coleman, who writes all the songs, is the master of the earworm!)

Courtesy Two Little Hands Productions

I for one, would like to see more television like this made for kids, and that’s why I’m backing their kickstarter to create more episodes of Rachel & The Treeschoolers. We’re all familiar with educational television that’s really just a thinly veiled advertisement. Now, it’s time to give a hand to some folks who are working their hardest to make smart television for smart children. I’m thrilled to report that they’ve already made their original goal, but the more we all pitch in to help, the more episodes we get in the future. Count me in!

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