Googaro: A Subscription Box for Baby Goodies

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As a relatively new mom, few places bring out my anxiety like Babies ‘R Us. There is something about a wall-to-wall warehouse of baby goods—with its endless racks of choices and gadgets and items I never knew existed—that I personally think is downright cruel and unusual punishment for new parents. None of us have any idea what we’re doing, what we’ll actually need, or what will be a lifesaver when we first join the Tribe of Parenthood. So setting us loose in a baby big box store with bad lighting and worse music is just asking for trouble.

I have seen perfectly reasonable new and expectant parents go into Babies ‘R Us and come unhinged deciding which breastpump or baby wipes will be best. Maybe I have been one of those new and expectant parents. All I know is, after ten minutes I feel like I’m in Lord of the Flies.

This is why I love the internet, and this is why I’m glad that the subscription box movement is setting its sights on baby goodies.

Googaro is a new subscription service that will send you a curated box of 4-5 full-size items each month based on your child’s age (from 0-3 years) and gender. The brands are high-end, and the goodies are the kind of things that you might not think to pick up in the store but really appreciate having. The company’s website promises that everything is “organic, BPA-free and eco-friendly.” Sometimes it’s nice to have decisions made for you.

Photo by Jackie Reeve.

And the box is pretty welcoming, too.

Photo by Jackie Reeve.

My Googaro included a Dolly Dolphin bath book, which my 17-month-old daughter will no longer get in the tub without; a SugarBooger activity bib that lets her make a big dinnertime mess; a Green Sprouts shopping cart cover; and a Noodle Head Travel Buddies pillow (which we will be testing on our family’s upcoming road trip).

I like knowing that everything in the box has been vetted, and I like the idea of a “care package” for new parents and babies. The items inside are not necessarily can’t-live-without-essentials,  but treats to make life easier or more fun. And it’s nice knowing that someone else has done all the research to ensure safe materials and quality. It just arrived, and I opened it, smiled, and started using the goodies.

You cannot pick what arrives in your box, but you can decide whether you want a three-month subscription (at $35 a month), a six-month subscription ($32 a month), or a 12-month subscription ($32 a month with a free month). You can even order one-month subscriptions as gifts (or occasional treats for your family, which is what I will probably do) for $35 a month. I do love this as a new baby gift idea.

For the month of September Googaro is partnering with Nouri bar, who donate a portion of the proceeds from each bar purchased to provide hot school meals to children in developing countries. To celebrate back-to-school season and emphasize the importance of a good meal during the school day, every Googaro will include a Nouri bar in September. The deadline is September 5th for that month’s boxes, and it’s a chance to spread the love while getting some fun baby goodies. I promise you won’t have to set foot in a store to do it.


GeekMom received a sample box for review.

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