Geeky Names Wanted!

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Lovely fairies. Image from Pyronious, Flickr CC.
Lovely fairies. Image from Pyronious, Flickr CC.

Last week I found out I’m the proud host of a little baby girl. Now let the naming game begin!

My thoughts over the last week having been busy taking name inspiration from any and every source. After poring over the baby name websites, I’m equally bored with both the more common names and the wildest choices (I’m looking at you, North West). I’ve been so desperate to find new ideas that it’s made watching My Little Pony extremely dangerous to the future well-being of this second child. Hey, what about “Pinkie Pie Coffin,” I thought to myself. Hmm, no, I guess I shouldn’t.

As with our first child, we have a long and stringent list of requirements for the first name. Because my name gets butchered so much in the U.S., I want something simple to pronounce and spell. Because my first language is French, I want something that sounds good in English and French as well. And, of course, my husband comes with his own list of preferences.

But with the middle name, we feel free to let the creative juices flowing and pick something fun. Our first daughter’s middle name is Faye, a name I found and adored from Cowboy Bepop. It’s a little geeky and uncommon, yet short and sweet.

For the middle name of this second child, I’ve been trying to find more geeky ideas. First we thought we should stick with the Cowboy Bepop theme, but the only other main female character on the show is called Edward, Ed for short. We were seriously tempted, just for the sake of the theme, but ultimately it’s not a name we love for a girl.

I’ve considered moon names from greek mythology, our favorites so far being Eukelade and Adrastea. But they are such mouthfuls! They sure sound lovely, but four syllables is a bit much.

We’ve also considered continuing the fairy theme. My favorite fairy name was Maeve until I realized it was pronounced mayv and not may-vee. My husband liked Titania until he realized it was pronounce tee-tanya and not like titanium. Don’t you hate it when you pronounce words incorrectly cause you’ve only ever read it in books? I know there is flexibility in spelling and pronunciation, but then again having a frequently butchered name has made me a stickler for accuracy over malleability.

Anyway, we’re also considering Aurora, Titania’s daughter. And that pretty much sums up all the fairy names we know, thanks to reading Jim Butcher.

Oh, dear readers, will you help me? Is there a fairy name, or really any cute name with a fun geeky reference, that you’ve always liked? Please share it in a comment!

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