GeekMom Plays! The Walking Dead 400 Days Episode 4

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Welcome back for episode four in our GeekMom Plays! The Walking Dead:400 Days Let’s Play series. This week, my husband Tim and I play through Russell’s story.

If you haven’t seen the first three episodes a playlist can be found on the GeekMom YouTube page.

Spoilers ahead:

There are tough choices to be made in Russell’s story, similar to those in Bonnie’s. As we wrap up this game, I am a little disappointed that there haven’t been more puzzles. Though, I wouldn’t want a puzzle like the radio one in the original season.

I think Russell wants to be a good kid and make smart choices. Nate, who picks Russell up on the side of the road, tempts him—even after trying to make him a zombie snack! I will be very interested to see if Nate shows up in further seasons. Let’s just say he would add more than his fair share of jerk factor…

Next week will be our last episode of GeekMom Plays! The Walking Dead 400 Days. I am still looking for other games to play. If you have suggestions, leave them in the comments below.

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