GeekMom Plays: The Walking Dead 400 Days Episode 3

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Welcome back for episode three in our GeekMom Plays! The Walking Dead:400 Days series. This week, my husband Tim and I play through Bonnie’s story.

If you haven’t seen the first two episodes and would like to catch up, the playlist can be found on the GeekMom YouTube page.

Spoilers Ahead:

Bonnie seems to have a murky history and shows questionable judgement when it comes to decisions she has made in her life. She may not be on drugs right now, but she is flirting with married men and associated with thieves. Questions raised in previous episodes will be answered! (What happened to the missing flashlight in Shel’s group?)

Bonnie’s story is short, but Tim and I really enjoyed the brutalness of the decisions and actions taken in the story (enjoyed might be the wrong word. Maybe we appreciated it considering the story telling we became accustomed to in the first story with Lee and Clem). We hope you will enjoy it too.

Join us again next week when GeekMom plays through another story in The Walking Dead: 400 Days.

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