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FemShep's Pie, Art by Len Peralta © All the Nomz
FemShep’s Pie, Art by Len Peralta © All the Nomz

If you’ve got hungry geeks to feed, look no further than All the Nomz, a cookbook put together by Lee Daniels, David Lewis, and Marian De Kleemaeker. All the Nomz is a cookbook with collaboration from notable geeks, created to help raise funds for the Child’s Play charity.

nomzFor as little as $5—but consider donating more!—you’ll get a digital cookbook with over 20 recipes from contributors like Marian Call, The Doubleclicks, Phil Plait, and more.

Recipes follow a wide variety of themes, geeky and not, and include concoctions like “One Bread to Rule Them All,” “Storm’s Really Great-Tasting Guacamole” from Greg “Storm” DiCostanzo of Paul and Storm, and the ominous “TacoDoughnut.” (GeekMom is not responsible for anyone who attempts to consume a TacoDoughnut.)

The cookbook is also peppered with brief biographies and Q&As from each contributor, so you might even learn something new about your favorite geeks.

All of these culinary delights help support a fantastic cause. Donations to Child’s Play provide games, toys, books, and movies to lift the spirits of ill children who are spending significant time hospitalized. Please consider supporting All the Nomz to encourage such a worthy cause. If you’re still undecided, take a look at the sample preview. But how can you resist a cookbook with a recipe for Fem Shep(ard)’s pie?

Artwork by Len Peralta; used with permission.

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