National Macaroni Day, pasta crafts, Flying Spaghetti Monster,

5 Ways To Celebrate National Macaroni Day

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National Macaroni Day, pasta crafts, Flying Spaghetti Monster,
His Noodly Appendage (image: oskay’s flickr photostream)

Every July 7th is National Macaroni Day. We won’t complicate this holiday with bluster about the long and glorious history of pasta. Nor will we speculate why this particular date has been chosen. We’ll just get right to the fun-roni part. But first a reminder. Don’t limit yourself to July 7th. Feel free to celebrate any day, every day, in a noodly way.

1. Make supper into a top-your-own pasta buffet. Line up add-ins like roasted veggies, shredded cheeses, nuts, bacon bits, olives, and sauces, then announce “dinner” as soon as hot pasta is dumped into the colander. Little kids love making their own selections. Since they are also prone to changing their minds after one bite, provide them with the smallest dish possible. A shot glass is a reasonable size. That way, they can go back to make themselves other variations for seconds, thirds, and more.

2. Dig around in the cupboard for leftover pasta. You’ll probably find a few strands of spaghetti, some shells, a few pieces of penne that aren’t enough for dinner but are perfect for crafts. Break out the glue and let the kids make whatever they envision. Those pasta robots and flowers can be colored with markers once the glue is dry.

3.  Eat macaroni and cheese in every glorious variation but honor the orange food purists in our midst. Don’t make them eat it with goat cheese and arugula. It won’t go well.

4. Proclaim your Pastafarian views,  freely invoking the name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster when faced with absurdities. A pasta hat is also nice.

5. Make a macaroni necklace. Then go ahead, wear it next time you go out. Just plan a response to the inevitable carb jokes you’ll get. No one said celebrating National Macaroni Day would be easy.

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