The Octonauts Giveaway Winner

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Image: Sarah Pinault
Octonauts, to the launch bay! We have a winner! Congratulations to Charlotte and her son Eddie, who will soon be rescuing the sea creatures with Captain Barnacles and Kwazii Kitten.



Eddie has the same problem getting access to The Octonauts that we do: lack of cable. There are episodes to be seen on The Disney Channel website, though, and we can get Region 2 DVD’s from certain sellers on Amazon. And luckily we have our own Octopod and can use our imagination to fill in the gaps. These great coloring and activity sheets and my felt face masks also help us in our own adventures. (There are even lesson plans available for use with the original books by Meomi.) Glad to have you join us in our Octonauts obsession, Charlotte and Eddie.

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1 thought on “The Octonauts Giveaway Winner

  1. Thank you so much for this giveaway! The Octopod actually came with a few extra Octonauts toys, including the Gup-A with Captain Barnacles, the Gup-C with Shellington, and Peso with a giant comb jelly. I was so excited, but I saved it all for my son’s 4th birthday at the end of June. He LOVED the giant box of Octonauts toys! He plays with the Gup-A and Gup-C in every bath, and he plays with the Octopod every day. I love listening to him explain to his little sister what’s going on as he plays. Thanks again!

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