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myCharge Jolt 2000D

The myCharge line of portable battery packs offers a whole host of solutions to meet your battery needs. Whether you’re looking for a case battery for your iPhone, or something larger to charge several devices at once, there’s a product in their lineup that makes sure your devices never run out of juice.

The device that’s usually of most concern to people when it comes to staying fully charged is their phone. We use them to take pictures on vacation, get work done when we’re not in the office and, oh yeah, sometimes we even use them to talk. When that little green battery indicator turns red, it’s cause for panic.

myCharge Freedom 2000

The myCharge Freedom 2000 ($79.99) is a 2000 mAh lithium polymer battery built into a case for your iPhone 5. You charge the case with an included micro-USB to USB charging cable. It’s perfect for situations when you’ll have higher than normal phone usage like a day snapping pictures of your kids on vacation, but it’s light enough and trim enough to be an everyday case.

You’ll double the battery of your iPhone 5 with the Freedom 2000 which means you’ll get about 11 extra hours of talk, email, or gaming time out of your phone. There’s also a battery indicator on the case that turns from green to yellow to red so you can see when it’s running dry, but your kids will probably be passed out cold in the backseat before your phone is dead.

The best features of the Freedom 2000 are that it’s lightweight, slim, and provides access to the charging and audio ports on the bottom of the phone without having to remove the case. That easy access, however, comes with one drawback.

In order to charge your phone, you need to unplug a small Lightning connector that’s built into the bottom of the case and plug it into the Lightning port on your phone. It’s easy enough to do, but I found it made the case itself awkward. It stuck out just enough that it kept snagging on my pants pocket and I’m concerned about how well the thick rubber cable will hold up over time.

myCharge Jolt 2000D

If you’ve got a different smartphone, or want to share your battery with people who might not have an iPhone 5, then the myCharge Jolt 2000D ($69.99) is a better choice. It’s got the same 2000 mAh lithium polymer battery as the Freedom 2000 as well as an included micro-USB to USB charging cable and a battery indicator, but it isn’t limited to the iPhone 5.

This external battery pack has both a Lightning connector and a micro-USB connector so you can charge all kinds of smartphones. It’ll also let you charge two devices at once so you can plug in your phones and set them on the table while you’re having lunch and be ready to go by the time you get your check. It’s small, lightweight, and has a built in carabiner clip so it’s easy to take anywhere.

I liked the portability of the Jolt 2000D and that it wasn’t limited to just the iPhone 5. The carabiner clip is a nice touch so you can hook it to a backpack or even a belt loop, but it’s small enough that you can slip it into your pocket or even a small purse. It’s also very lightweight so you don’t mind carrying it in your bag.

myCharge Hub 6000

Those looking for even more power and versatility should check out the myCharge Hub 6000 ($99.99). This is a 6000 mAh lithium ion battery that can charge up to three devices at once, including tablets and ereaders.

It has fold-out prongs that let you charge it right from a wall outlet and then tuck away when not in use. Bulk is an issue with any battery so having those prongs disappear right back into the myCharge unit is a nice feature.

Since this is a more powerful battery, you get a lot more talk time. Instead of the 11 hours of the Freedom 2000 and Jolt 2000D you get more than double that with 27 hours of total talk time. That extra power also means you can charge larger devices, including most tablets and ereaders.

The Hub 6000 has a Lightning connector, a micro-USB connector, and a USB port. That last one lets you charge those larger devices. You can also charge three devices at once, just be aware that they’ll all charge a bit more slowly when plugged in together.

The versatility and power of the Hub 6000 make it a fantastic choice for those who rely on their phones and tablets to get through the day. The fact that you can charge so many devices means you just have to carry this one battery and you’re covered. It weighs a bit more and isn’t something you could carry in your pocket, but it’s easily small enough for a purse or backpack. This has become my go-to battery when I’m traveling.

The myCharge Freedom 2000, Jolt 2000D and Hub 6000 provide all the power and portability you’ll need to get through a busy summer of fun.

I received these products for review purposes.

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