Doctor Who Leggings: Better Than Fish Custard

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Doctor Who leggings by Her Universe
Image: Video screencap, Doctor Who leggings by Her Universe (see full video below)

Why should t-shirts get all the fun designs? Her Universe is sharing the love with our legs with new Doctor Who leggings, as well as dresses and PJs.

The leggings come in three designs, including one based on “The Pandorica Opens,” aka the van-Gogh-exploding-TARDIS painting, which I’ve been wearing. The first thing I noticed about these leggings is how magnificently buttery soft they are! It’s like dipping your legs into custard. If your legs were fish fingers… no, nevermind. Let’s kill that analogy here.

There are things to consider before wearing them, of course, particularly if you happen to be a companion. You shouldn’t wear these leggings for any visits to Vincent Van Gogh’s house, or any time prior, really. You could inadvertently influence art history.

And frankly, wearing them around the Doctor is just a rude reminder of the destruction of the TARDIS. The man had to pull a piece of it out of a crack in time and space. Wasn’t that enough? How cruel are you!? Consideration should also be given when wearing the Dalek blueprints based on the likelihood that you’ll be encountering any Daleks that day. And if you’re a companion, the chances are… well, you should pass on those, shouldn’t you? Who knows what they’d think!

Ahem. Assuming you’re just an ordinary person who means Time Lords (and history) no harm and aren’t likely to run into any alien species on an average Tuesday, you’ll find these a delightful addition to your wardrobe. Some less humanoid species may find challenges in sizing and fit, but should consult a size chart and try to work things out. These leggings are worth it.

I usually wear a size 8 in pants, and the XL leggings fit me fine, but there’s definitely room in them for someone bigger. (The size chart lists them as for a size 11-13.) It seems almost mandatory to make a “bigger on the inside” joke here, but that pretty much defines leggings, doesn’t it? However, I do solemnly swear that I recognize that leggings aren’t pants and promise to wear them only with appropriate other clothing or in legging-appropriate situations, such as exercise!

That said, I did wear them to a trampoline arena. That counts like exercise, right? I thought I should thoroughly test them and see if with a TARDIS on them, they could help me travel like the Doctor. Due to cutbacks in my huon-energy budget, I figured the trampolines might serve as a sort of launching fuel, just to get them started. Alas, all I managed was a single flip in front of an outer-space mural:

The only proper way to test leggings, obviously. Photo by Ruth Suehle.

My experiment’s failure to achieve interstellar travel, much less any change in my progression on the same timeline, suggest the leggings don’t have any actual TARDIS powers. Slightly disappointing, but expected. Instead they have the power to generate compliments from many passers-by. Or bouncers-by, as the case may be. It’s a fair trade.

You can buy these delightful reminders of your favorite Doctor from Hot Topic for $26.50 each in sizes S-XXL in one of three designs: Van GoghDalek blueprints, and TARDIS in space.

Note that 2XL leggings are listed separately on the Hot Topic site from the S-XL listings.

See all three designs in this video from Her Universe:

I received this item for review.

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