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Here at GeekMom we do like our YouTube videos. We know it can be frustrating and time consuming to search through all of the fodder on YouTube to find the channels worth subscribing to, and the videos that are funny, engaging, or educational. You don’t have to be frustrated anymore! Now you have your own GeekMom approved YouTube playlist for your weekend viewing pleasure. Not all of the videos are appropriate for all viewing audiences.

This week, Seattle kids’ rock band Recess Monkey released their first video from their newest CD, Tambourine Submarine. Kelly and her daughter have both been enjoying it; Kelly can’t help but be reminded of the film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou every time she watches it.

Jenny shared CGPGrey’s latest video on countries within countries. This is part one of his explanation of countries totally within other countries, and those with only one country bordering them (not including the ocean). Check out all of his videos, but this is the latest.

As Mandy gets ready for her own Disney vacation, she has been watching a lot of Disney videos. her favorite Disney vlogger is Keith Lapinig because his videos are funny and entertaining. His newest video is a vacation vlog from the Disney Dream cruise ship that includes Keith becoming a pirate for the ship’s Pirate Party!

More than one GeekMom has been drooling obsessively over the new Audi car commercial featuring Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto having a “Spock Off” for the better part of three minutes.

Laura found a video by Yegna, a group of women from Ethiopia with a hot new single, Abet. It is a really empowering video.

There are even more videos in this week’s playlist. If you are looking for more recommendations, please leave a comment so we can look for more geeky selections in upcoming weeks.

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