Forget the Hall of Justice: Find the Justice League at Target

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Justice League at Target © Target / Warner Bros.
Justice League at Target © Target / Warner Bros.

Much to the delight of geek moms everywhere, this summer Target has teamed up with Warner Brothers and DC Comics to bring a wide assortment of Justice League merchandise to stores nationwide. From Batman hooded towels to a Superman snack container, there are some truly unique products to be found in Target stores right now. (Seriously, where else will you find Wonder Woman’s invisible jet as a baby’s pool floatie?)

Wonder Woman Camp Chair © Target / Warner Bros.
Wonder Woman Camp Chair © Target / Warner Bros.

While most of the goods have a playful Silver Age feel to them, you will spot many Justice League characters sporting their New 52 costumes on signs around Target stores. And as Man of Steel gets ready to hit theaters in a couple of weeks, it’s easy to predict we’ll be seeing even more Superman merchandise in the store. Who knew Target of all places could become a comic book nerd’s go-to store for fun finds like a Batman or Wonder Woman camping chair?

According to the press release,

In addition to the exclusive summer collection, Target will be part of a broader partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products that will offer more traditional Justice League licensed products. The broader partnership will span more than 20 categories including home, stationery, toys, apparel and accessories. All Justice League licensed products will range from $1 for Justice League temporary tattoos to $59.99 for a Justice League Rocker Chair. Target will also offer Justice League Halloween costumes for kids later this year.

You might pretend to get the Wonder Woman sand bucket for your kiddos, but it’s okay if you’re really getting it for yourself. I made a big show of purchasing a shiny Wonder Woman placemat for my daughter, but who has two thumbs and has eaten all her meals this week on it? This mom.

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