Just in Time for Memorial Day*: Enjoy the 2013 Doodle4Google Winner

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*I understand that Memorial Day technically isn’t meant for those servicemembers still living. But we all know that a lot of attention is given to our currently-serving military members around Memorial Day and I’m merely pointing out the proximity on the calendar between the release of this doodle and Memorial Day. Per Wikipedia, “Memorial Day is not to be confused with Veterans Day; Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving, while Veterans Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans, living or dead.”

A Wisconsin 12th grader is singlehandedly bringing millions of people — especially military spouses, military children and servicemembers — to tears. For her winning 2013 Doodle4Google contest entry, Sabrina Brady wholeheartedly deserves the $30,000 scholarship, new Chromebook and $50,000 technology grant to her school that come with winning the 2013 Doodle4Google competition.

I’ve been in both of those characters’ shoes and this art brought me to tears. Many times I’ve stood pier-side waiting as my father returned from 6- to 9-month Navy deployments. In 2009, I got to enjoy my sons’ hugs after many months away in the Middle East for my own deployment.

I’m in tears now as I copy and paste the image into this post.

In addition to the moving message, Miss Brady’s art is wonderful. I love the shadows of each of the characters.

For the Doodle4Google contest, students in grades K-12 submitted Google Doodle art that applies to an annual theme. This year’s theme was “My Best Day Ever…” and Miss Brady’s entry commemorated the day her father returned from Iraq after 18 months away from home. She was 10 years old at the time.

The other four national finalists earned $5,000 scholarships. One winner was chosen from each state. Read more about the winning entry and see the finalists’ pieces here.

Are you interested in entering? Stay tuned, in January the new competition and theme will be announced.

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5 thoughts on “Just in Time for Memorial Day*: Enjoy the 2013 Doodle4Google Winner

  1. Respectfully, although pop culture says Memorial Day celebrates the military, Memorial Day really was established to honor those who gave ALL. Those homecomings have a very different image and a much more somber feel. And a folded flag.

    Thank you, Patricia and other veterans for your service. but please don’t lets diminish the gravity of Memorial Day.

  2. Thanks for reading lis. My husband and I are always explaining the differences between the two holidays to those who want to thank us for our service because it’s Memorial Day. We’ve politely told many folks that they can do that on Veteran’s Day, but Memorial Day is for those who didn’t make it home. This weekend we will be part of a group presenting American flags at headstones at the Barrancas National Cemetery in Florida.

    I had considered putting an asterisk in the title and linking to a discussion of the differences between the two holidays and I thought maybe that would be too snarky. Maybe I’ll do it anyway.

    1. I, for one, would appreciate the link to the differences.

      If it were my decision whether to put in the asterisk, it would be there. But with a completely cool head, I realize my snark-o-meter doesnt’ usually trigger until I’ve personally crossed well into the “remove foot now” realm.

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