Lego Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle

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Lego Iron Man Sea Port Battle
Photo: Evan Bordessa

It’s springtime, the weather is beautiful and I’m busy working in my garden, so I coerced my son to write a review of one of Lego’s recent releases. Here’s Evan:  

Let me start out by saying that I’m pretty much the biggest fan of Lego you can find. While I spend most of my time building MOCs, I sometimes like to sit down and see what kind of sets The Lego Company is producing these days.

The Lego Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle set found it’s way into my hands and I set aside some time this morning to write a quick little review on it.

When you first open the box, you’ve got two numbered bags. One has bricks for building the hull of the boat along with the minifigures, while the other one has parts for the cabin of the boat and a small buoy. It was a pretty simple set to put together and the end result was a really solid feeling/looking watercraft. If I was slightly younger, I would have gotten a kick out of swooshing it across the floor making motorboat noises. (As it was, I did enjoy a couple of good swooshings back and forth across the carpet.) There was absolutely no danger of the model falling apart in my hands and even with vigorous play I really doubt you could break the models.

Lego Iron Man 3
Image: Lego

There’s a couple of fun play features included in the set. The first one is the lever system on the back of the boat that allows for flick-fire missiles to be launched from inside the boat cabin. The second play feature is a buoy that when pushed in just the right spot, launches its top at Iron Man and War Machine.

I’m curious to see how well this set matches up to the actual movie scene.

Lego provided a set for review purposes.

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