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My eldest son is three years old and every day he encounters something new. Everyday I as a parent deal with something new. While much of our time is spent in a don’t-touch-that-why-because… scenario there is also a lot of discovery for him which occasionally means rediscovery for his parents. This week we rediscovered Hook, which recently became available with Amazon Prime instant video.

I remember loving Hook as a child, in fact it is one of those movies that I regularly quote – “Smee, what about Smee.” I started watching it while folding laundry this week, and was part way through when my son woke up. Initially he was a little confused by Williams’ Peter Pan, but there were messy boys and sword fighting so he just went with it. Then came Hook.

Like many kids his age he is an avid follower of Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He doesn’t get to watch it very often, but between that and the occasional viewing of Disney’s Peter Pan, we have an unknowing JM Barrie fan, and a little pirate on our hands.When Dustin Hoffman stepped onto the screen, my son’s face went from utter confusion, to utter delirium in a flash. This was Captain Hook. This was the real Captain Hook. This was a flesh and blood pirate on which all the cartoons were based. “It’s Captain Hook! He’s a crafty crook!” were the only words he said, but wow does this kid love Dustin Hoffman now. Many pretend sword fights ensued.

As a result of recent events I have become an addict, I am addicted to the look of wonder on my son’s face. I experienced it on International Table Top day but I think this week’s moment even tops that. We try and expose him to all kinds of things, things we like to do, and things we think he would like, but there is a special joy when your child semi-independently loves what you love.

Next up? Jumanji I think. Though given his penchant for board games he may want to play!

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