Happy National Cheese Ball Day!

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Photo: Utz Snacks
Photo: Utz Snacks


When I say the word ‘cheese ball’, what comes to mind (besides your favorite brother-in-law)? For me, it’s those round crispy snacks that leave orange powder on everything you touch for three days. For my husband, it’s those orbits covered in nuts that line party tables, right next to the little knives and piles of crackers. Either way, today is National Cheese Ball Day!

At GeekMom we like to celebrate, any chance we get. So today were celebrating cheese balls, and maybe breaking down and serving one version or the other at the dinner table. I vote for the crunchy kind that force me to brush my teeth immediately after ingestion.

Click here to see a fun video of how my favorite kind of cheese ball is made.

I suppose, in all fairness, I should cover the other kind of cheese ball. Do you have a favorite recipe for cheese balls? Here’s a very simple one from Maureen, at Allrecipes.com. There are many other variations at Allrecipes, and at your other favorite recipe sites. Take a minute to look one up and surprise the spouse and kiddos at dinner tonight. You just might be voted best (or at least cheesiest) GeekMom on the block.


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