Paul Guzzone is “Chasing the Moon” – Some New Tunes For Your iPod.

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As we wander through the years of life sometimes we collect some pretty magical friends along the way. Paul Guzzone is one of the people on my list. I first told you about him back in 2011. He is a talented musician in his own right and just happens to play bass and do some producing for the Bacon Brothers Band. Yeah, the same Bacon guy who creeps you out on The Following each week and his not so creepy brother.

For years I’ve enjoyed meeting up with Paul at their concerts and hanging out with him after the guitars are packed away. He and his wife, Mary Ellen, are those hidden treasures who live and work in New York, with very little media fanfare. Their company, Triple Z Music does mind blowing musical backgrounds for TV commercials, corporate events, and many other venues.

Paul Guzzone Photo: Paul Sunday Photography
Paul Guzzone
Photo: Paul Sunday Photography

I was thrilled to find out that Paul was releasing his own album. My son and I dove into it the same afternoon it showed up in my mailbox. It’s called “Chasing the Moon” and the title track is one of our favorites. We were on our way to my son’s weekly drum lessons so of course Sam picked out all the cool rhythms and pounded them out on my poor dashboard. But it was hard not to get sucked into these songs.

Paul describes it as “soundscape meets reggae-infused pop, contemporary gives way to retro and fantasy induces romance”. I think that is a pretty good description. These songs are all about love, the loss of love, and the security of love when it all goes right. How can you not love lyrics like

“And I will carry you, when your legs are weary
I will lift you up when the water’s high
I will hold you close when the wind is howling
When the road is long, I will carry you home.”

The melodies are sometimes sweet and tender, sometimes jumpy and Caribbean  Sam actually asked me to play it again on the way home from his drum lesson and I smiled when I saw him moving along to the tunes. He said it was his version of ‘interpretive dance’. I don’t care what he calls it. I love an album I can share and enjoy with my son.

I kept having the feeling that this would be a great album to listen to while I was making dinner, or puttering around the house. It makes great driving music. Some day soon, when the winter season decides to leave Colorado, I will sit on my back porch and soak up the sun with these songs in my ears. It’s relaxing and fun at the same time.

You can listen to a sample of “I Will Carry You” on Paul’s website. Or sample each of his tracks on this page. If you are a lyric lover, like I am, here are the words to all 7 of his songs.

Move over Bacon Brothers tracks, there’s a new playlist hitting the ipod today. And it’s a gem.

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