Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves Are My New Favorite Thing

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Leather Touchscreen Gloves, Image: Mujjo

The problem with a lot of touchscreen gloves is that they look ridiculous with little pads on the thumb and index finger where you can touch the screen. The gloves themselves are often unattractive in their own right, and I don’t want to walk around with a goofy pair of gloves on my hands. Mujjo has solved the problem with a pair of leather touchscreen gloves that are beautiful, comfortable, and functional.

These were the first pair of capacitive gloves that I’d seen that didn’t look weird, and it’s the only pair I’ve seen that is fully leather. Most capacitive gloves are knit which will not cut it in colder climates. These are leather and they look “normal” with nothing to show-off the fact that they can be used with a touchscreen. I love that they don’t have weird-looking silver fingertips. Why so many companies do that, I have no idea.

The Mujjo leather touchscreen gloves are made from beautiful black lambskin with an adjustable snap at the wrist so you can make them fit snugly around your hand and keep out the cold. No one would look at these and think anything other than that they were a very nice pair of gloves. I like that.

Once I had the gloves, I found that they not only looked beautiful, but felt amazing. The leather is incredibly soft with no stiffness that requires breaking in until they’re comfortable. If you’ve ever worn a pair of leather gloves that had those oddly perfect almost pointer fingers when you first slip them on, then you’ll appreciate how these immediately conform to the shape of your fingers.

The insides of the gloves have an incredibly soft 100% wool lining from wrist to fingers. They’re so warm and comfortable you’re not going to want to take them off! The wool and leather together are wonderfully warm on a frigid day, but they’re not thick and bulky. It was easy to use my phone while wearing the gloves.

And that’s really the important part, isn’t it? Do they actually function as promised? Yes, yes they do.

The nanotechnology integrated into the glove allows you to use all five fingers and even the palm of your hand on a touchscreen. I texted. I dialed. I wrote emails. I did everything I’d normally do and it was easy. The lambskin, which is also treated to be water and windproof as well as soil-resistant, allows dexterity in line with what you typically find in a knit glove.

They come in a range of sizes, and mine were too small for my husband to try so he grabbed one and started using it like a stylus to work his own phone and within minutes wanted to get a pair for himself. Yeah, using them just wadded up into the shape of a pencil was enough to make him want a pair. They are that good.

The Mujjo leather touchscreen gloves retail for €129.95 or about $170, which is pricey, but their comfort, looks, and functionality absolutely make them worth the price. There are a wide range of less expensive knit capacitive gloves, but if you want a touchscreen leather glove, then Mujjo gloves are the way to go.

I received these gloves for review purposes.

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