Makego is an iPhone App that Encourages Imaginative Play (with Giveaway!)

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My three year old just brought his Lego car creations to life. How you might ask? The new Makego app for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Makego is available on the iTunes store for two dollars. Let your kids create a car, boat or truck, slip your device in and breathe life into their once inanimate creations.

Here is a video of Makego in action:

Chris O’Shea is the mastermind behind this really cool app.  He is a British artist/designer that uses technology to create innovative ways to bring play to life. He has worked in collaborations with the BBC,  Design Museum London and Science Gallery Dublin, among others.

This app was a real joy to watch my son explore. He was excited to pull out his Legos and create a car, he was really surprised when I pulled out my iPhone and put it on top and shooing him that the car he made now makes sounds and has a passenger. After a little bit of practice, his favorite of the three modes was the ice cream truck. He loved interacting with the screen to serve and take money, while still being able to move around via his Legos.

I thought it was really intriguing how Chris managed to get you to interact with the game without it taking over the imaginative play. For example, the boat mode is pretty unassuming and calm, but occasionally without warning, the boat will spring a leak that you will have to repair in order to continue. The app isn’t a traditional game, it really is an extension of your child’s own curiosity and exploration. How do you think your child would play with this? Would they make paper vehicles? Lego ones?

I’d recommend this app to any of my iPhone parent friends, in fact I’ll do just that.I’m going to give away five free redemption codes for the Makego app. All you need to do is make a comment below and tell us what your kids favorite Apple App is so far. You have until 12pm EDT Friday, March 30th to enter. I’ll randomly draw 5 entries and email the redemption code directly to you.

Good luck, and have some creative fun!

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6 thoughts on “Makego is an iPhone App that Encourages Imaginative Play (with Giveaway!)

  1. My little loves his Wombi Touch and Listen app. It’s great for learning the names of things and the sounds they make.

  2. We’re big fans of monkey preschool lunchbox, but my 4yo has LONG outgrown it…..this would be right up his alley!!

  3. There seriously has to be more than two comments here! So im putting this in even after the deadline- just in case! This sounds Like so much fun i might have a hard time sharing with my kiddies!

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