GeekMom Zombie Apocalypse Countdown – 18 Days to Go

Photo: Judy Berna

With just 18 days until your whole world falls apart I thought I’d give you a break today. There are many great tips still coming in our countdown, but today let’s just enjoy this ordinary Tuesday and watch a few videos.

If you’re like me, the best thing you could hear a teacher say when you were in school was: “We’re going to watch a video today!”

So sit back, feel no need to take notes, and just enjoy these uplifting zombie videos.

Let’s start with one of the favorites in my house. My teen sons love Key and Peele and this video, called “Racist Zombies” is one of the reasons.

Next up, a pretty clever Paypal commercial. Not only is it entertaining, pay close attention to the strategies shown. I promised you wouldn’t have to take notes but you might jot down just a few, like “cans of soda will temporarily stop a rushing zombie” and “feel free to sacrifice strangers.”

If you grew up in an age where seeing movies at school involved a reel to reel projector (Hey, don’t judge… technology changed quickly once I hit college!) you might enjoy this video. It has all the basics of surviving a zombie attack in a format that is simplistic and comforting to those of us over the age of forty.

Any Minecraft fans out there? Here’s one that might make you smile.

And if you have a kid like mine who loves to make Lego stop action movies, you just might enjoy this one called Lego Zombie Attack. In the interest of full disclosure, there is a bit of graphic Lego violence and Lego blood in this clip. It couldn’t be avoided. It’s a zombie movie, after all.

Here’s one you might not expect… a Corn Pops commercial. With Zombies. Don’t believe me? Go ahead, click on it.

See, wasn’t that fun? Now, be ready to jump back on track tomorrow, as the survival tips keep coming!



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