Indiana Jones, You’ve Got Mail!

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Image Courtesy the University of Chicago

The University of Chicago office of admissions got what may be one of the most awesome prank packages, ever, and they’re enlisting the help of the Internets to find the sender.

That, or they’re part of the prank and are enlisting us for free advertising. Either way, it’s pure awesome, and I’m in.

For those who may not be familiar with the Henry Walton Jones Jr. – that’s the full name of one Professor “Indiana” Jones, who fictionally taught at Barnett College. The package contained a replica of  fictional professor Abner Ravenwood’s journal, although they were able to confirm it wasn’t an actual movie prop. This just gets cooler as the story goes on, doesn’t it?

The package did not go through the mail, even though it was intentionally distressed, so whoever left it there did so in person. The postage stamps are also replicas that were glued on. Meanwhile, the University of Chicago has set up the email address for anyone with tips on this particular mystery.

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