It’s Back to the Future Day: Celebrate 57 Years of Not Having an Actual Flux Capacitor

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Today is Back to the Future Day, noting the importance of November 5 in the BttF world. It’s been 57 years since Emmett Brown first envisioned the flux capacitor, Biff and George got into a tiff at Lou’s Cafe, and Sam Baines hit George with his car (leading him to meet Lorraine, future Marty-mom).
Of course, then the second timeline comes along when Marty goes back to 1955. That means it’s also November 5 when he first arrived at the farm (knocking down one of the twin pines, thus turning Twin Pines Mall into Lone Pine Mall) and got in the middle of everything by pushing George out of the way of Sam’s oncoming car, leading him to meet Lorraine, thus beginning all the my-mom’s-got-a-thing-for-me weirdness. And… well, you know the rest. It all started on November 5.
While we’re talking BttF dates, let’s talk about that image that gets posted all around at least once a year for the last, oh say, forever, announcing that [today] is the day that Marty McFly arrives in the future! It looks like this:
Or like this:
Or like this: 
Or like… oh, come on. Now you’re not even trying.
Marty doesn’t arrive until 2015. I don’t want to see another one of these images until October 25, 2015, OK?
Meanwhile, you’re welcome to celebrate November 5 each and every year. If you pre-ordered a hoverboard earlier this year, it shouldn’t be long before you see it! If you didn’t, you’ll have to settle for getting yourself a hoverboard t-shirt and reliving the trilogy on DVD.
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