Female Versus Male Sound Effects?

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(Read this in your most sonorous voice-over tone.)

In a world where irrelevancy reigns, two filmmakers rose up to show once and for all who can make better sound effects: men or women. These intrepid filmmakers ignored the dictates of science. They charged ahead with a team of not-so-worthy participants. Their conclusions will end spontaneous audio silliness as we know it. Their footage proves without a doubt that women can emit only passable helicopter and race car sounds, while men triumph. Forevermore, women must silence their mouths when tempted to shoot imaginary laser guns.

(Back to your regular reading voice.)

We here at GeekMom want to sound off. The video “Bleep Blap Bloop” is a nicely done bit of silliness. But please. It’s rigged with self-conscious women who make disclaimers like, “I’m awful with sound effects” and “How do boys do it?”  And the test sound?  Let’s just say they hardly explore the full range of male and female vocal capability. We’d love to see the same participants reassembled, then asked to try a horror film scream, fairy wings flitting by, a ringtone, a passing train, a toddler tantrum, an espresso machine, an orgasm.

Since that’s not too likely, we’re wondering if our GeekMom readers would like to respond with their own sound effects videos. The first video entry is from our own GeekMom, Rebecca Angel, along with her daughter, son, and son’s friend.

We think it’s never really been a contest. Sound effects are a personal thing. I may do a great dinosaur, you may do an amazing fax tone. And yeah, we geeks make sound effects more often than you think and we’re not explaining why.Tell us what you think. And if you dare, send us your own video retort.

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