The Lego Version of Felix’s Massive Jump

GeekMom Technology
Felix jumps. Photo: Red Bull Stratos

If you’re like many of the GeekMom writers you spent part of your Sunday watching Felix Baumgarten do a freefall from space. Some of us watched it live. Some of us decided to make sure all went well before we tuned in. Some watched live, but peeked through their fingers the whole time. It was a pretty amazing feat that was worth tuning in for.

If for some reason you missed it…like say you were busy watching your Seattle Seahawks football team beat the New England Patriots for the first time since 1993 (one of my geek obsessions –  following a never winning football team)…here’s a link for you to see how it all went down. Spoiler alert: Felix not only survives, he ends his jump from space with a few graceful steps, not the hard plunk that you might expect.

Then, if you want a little treat for the day, check out this link to a fun recreation of his jump, replicated completely in Lego bricks



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