Olympic Runners – Side by Side

Photo: Judy Berna

I have a few runners in my house. My husband came from a family of five boys who not only ran track every season in high school, one of them went to college on a track scholarship. One of his brothers, who just turned 40, still competes regularly in marathons and charity runs. My oldest son got an award at his high school graduation for competing in the most sport seasons through high school – he  ran every season of track.

We love watching the track and field events in the Olympics. It’s personal to us.

When I came across this amazing video I immediately showed it to my running boys. It’s a great lesson in how far we’ve come in the past hundred years, when it comes to running speeds. It’s not a long video. Take a second to watch it. I think you’ll be entertained by the graphics and amazed by the information.

What would it look like to have every winner of the 100 meter race in the past hundred years be in the same race? Click on this link to find out.

And the same graphic, when you look at the long jump distances.

And if you’re a swimming fan, here is a look at the 100 meter freestyle, through the years.

Show them to your kids. We need to start gearing up for the next generation of Olympic athletes!

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