Marshal Major Pitch Black Headphones Review

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R2 and Marshall 2  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Hey R2! Give me back my headphones!! / Image: Dakster Sullivan

Hello. My name is Dakster Sullivan and I am a headphone junkie.

The Marshal Major Pitch Black headphones at first glance are a nice set. The first time I got my hands on them, I thought they appeared simple and comfortable. Without even putting them on for a first time, they became a standard accessory in my backpack. Retailed at $120.00, I expected something extraordinary.

Nice Packaging  Image: Marshall
Nice Packaging Image: Marshall

After a high anxiety morning at work, I decided to take a fifteen minute meditation break. I got out my new headphones and looked forward to a short reprieve from the day. It only took eight minutes for me to relax and calm down. It took another fifteen minutes after that for my ears to stop hurting.

I’m not accustomed to over the ear headphones, so I figured it might just be me getting used to them. That myth was busted one day when my son used them with his Nintendo DS. After about twenty minutes, he took them off and said his ears were hurting.

I didn’t want to give up on them. Since I’m a headphone junkie, if I can get them to work, I will.

After a few days of gently stretching them out, they no longer hurt my ears and I could focus more on the sound quality than comfort.

Folding is a little awkward.  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Folding is a little awkward. Image: Dakster Sullivan

The sound quality was really good and was almost comparable to the quality of my favorite in-ear headphones. The button on the cord works the play/pause and fast-forward features of your device when you are listening to music and will activate the voice control when you are working with your phone. I was able to clearly dictate an e-mail to Siri and send it with the built-in microphone.

They come with 6.3mm gold-plated headphone adapter for the more hardcore listeners.

Something I really like about this pair is their ability to fold in half. At first, I expected them to fold pretty easily without putting to much strain on the headband. After checking out their website, I learned that it was okay to put some strain on them in order to get them folded the right way.

Regardless of what trouble I had with these in the beginning, I would have to say these are worth the money. The sound quality is very good and after some stretching out, they were pretty comfortable as well.

The Marshall Major Pitch Black headphones are appropriate for adults and droids alike. They are not marketed towards children, but if you use the volume restrictions on your device, they will work well for them as well.

You can pick up the Marshall Major Pitch Black Headphones at Amazon for an average of around $90.

In exchange for my time and efforts in  reporting my opinion within this blog, I received a free review sample. Even though I receive this benefit, I always give an opinion that is 100% mine.

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