What to Expect When You’re Reading GeekMom

Real Geek Girls or not? Image: Nicole Wakelin

You know that rare but amazing feeling when you meet someone and just click? You may not share the same opinions but what you have in common is open-eyed curiosity, a sense of humor others don’t always get, and absorbingly passionate interests. You realize: This is an epic friendship in the making. 

That is what you find here at GeekMom.

Every day we head in all sorts of unexpectedly fascinating directions.

We express our GeekMom-ness as we enthuse about passions that include and stretch well beyond traditional “geek cred” boundaries.

We write (not always in nice inside voices) about the media, including cliched portrayals of working mothers, a  lack of strong female characters in superhero comics, and the need for more of Dana Scully-like characters.

We share plenty of parenting inspiration. For example Kari Byron (yes, of MythBusters fame) discusses how to get your kids interested in science. And every day we write about parenting topics like raising introvertsgetting kids to do laundry, living with cooking geeks, and deciding to buy your kid a smartphone.

Sometimes we write about throwing awesome parties for our kids, like an Angry Birds themed birthday or a pre-school pirate party. Sometimes it’s just about the cake. You know, zombie cake or Hello Kitty cupcakes.

Sometimes we write about what jabs us. Bullying experienced by our children, politics that disenfranchise women, and social media attacks on geeky men.

And we provide a needed heads-up like explaining Wheaton’s law, geek dating tips, and how to know you’re married to a geek dad.

Oh there’s so much more. You’ll find out. Meet up with us tomorrow and the next day and the next. GeekMom. We’re pretty epic.

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