Twig: A New iPhone Charger/Stand on Kickstarter

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Image: Jason Hilbourne

The charging cable that comes with one’s iThing is long, and can be unwieldy in some circumstances. Various third parties are developing alternate charging solutions that can often add additional functionality. Twig is one interesting and good-looking example.

Brought to us by Jason Hilbourne, the same guy who makes Bunk Bots, Twig is small enough to fit in your pocket, and doesn’t have a long cord in which other things can get tangled. Ideally suited to charging in laptops or, along with your wall charging cube, the wall, Twig comes in a variety of colors.

Another nice thing about Twig is that it doubles as a tripod. You can stand up your iPhone for using it with FaceTime, taking photos, or other purposes. Be sure to watch the video on the Kickstarter page. You get to watch how they developed the product, and the different prototypes that came before the final version. It’s instructive and entertaining. (Plus: Gumby!)

Twig’s Kickstarter campaign has just begun. Twig can be obtained at a reasonable contribution level, with discounts for reserving multiple units. Check it out!

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