Sherlock Season Two Starts May 6 on PBS

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Here’s a teaser for Sherlock Season Two, which will start its PBS Masterpiece Mystery run in the US on May 6th.

The series chronicles a modern day Sherlock Holmes and his adventures solving mysteries. Knowledge of the book series is helpful but not necessary. The adaptations loosely follow the originals with modern twists. Sherlock was co-created by Steven Moffat, the lead writer for Doctor Who. Several of us GeekMoms had the privilege of meeting him this year at a PBS event.

If you’re totally unfamiliar with Sherlock, I suggest you go watch the first season now, even if you think that the premise sounds lame. I promise it’s incredibly clever and packed with action.  You can watch Series 1 on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and PBS. You’ve got less than a week to get caught up. Go! (Some PBS stations will also be broadcasting a Sherlock marathon Sunday to give you one last chance to catch up before the new episode airs.)

The great part about the show airing on PBS is that it’s available for free. If you can’t tune into a local station, you can watch online shortly afterwards, just as PBS did with Downton Abbey.

The second season promises to be every bit as awesome as the first. Perhaps even more so. However, I do have one beef. This broadcast is nearly half a year after everyone else in the world got to see it. I’m reminded of  the Oatmeal. I suspect a lot of people are.

Moffat’s other baby, Doctor Who, eventually started broadcasting episodes in the US on the same day it aired in the UK. This was partially as a reaction to the rampant piracy and complaints about spoilers, and that was with just a two week delay. When will PBS  finally do the same for Masterpiece shows?

At any rate, watch (or re-watch) Sherlock on May 6th, and come tell us how much you love it!

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7 thoughts on “Sherlock Season Two Starts May 6 on PBS

  1. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY anyway, yes, this has been a torturous past few months to be a Sherlock fan who uses the Internet. It’s like you’re afraid to LOOK at anything for fear of spoilers. And then there’s the Americans who HAVE seen it illegally, or they ordered a region-free Blue Ray from the UK (or is it that the Blue Ray will play on region-free players? Well either way, I haven’t got the resources), or they have UK friends who sent them copies, or they made well-timed trips abroad, and they keep commenting on the PBS links on Facebook or other places like “Hah hah, all TRUE fans have already seen it, get with it,” and I’m like “NO! YOU ARE SO UNSEEING! WE DON’T ALL HAVE THE SAME RESOURCES AS YOU! Look at me, what about me, I HAVE to be more madly in love with Martin Freeman than ANYONE ELSE IN THE UNITED STATES (I mean, if I’m not, then I greatly fear for the sanity of the other people), and I’VE been waiting (im)patiently ALL THIS LONG TIME, yes?” So anyway, yes I do hope PBS is more on the ball about that next time. It seems in this small-world day and age, producers and publishers and other such distributers need to forget their old ways of dealing with imports and PLAN better for simultaneous world-wide distribution of things….

  2. Yiiippppeeeeeeeee! I have been counting down the days (and carefully avoiding spoilers) for months! I loved the first series so much that I am almost afraid that I will be disappointed in this one. Can it possibly live up to my unreasonably high expectations? My husband and I have a nice bottle of wine picked out to enjoy during Sunday’s premier episode and a plan to thoroughly exhaust the kids during the day so they are deeply asleep by 9pm!

    1. Yes. It will live up to your unreasonably high expectations, um, not that I have any knowledge of this (walks away whistling…. )

  3. My husband and I are a bit behind the times. We just watched S1 a month or two ago, but we definitely got hooked! I am so excited about Sunday. This week cant get over with soon enough!

  4. Do you know if PBS will stream it as well? We ditched cable just over a year ago and find it difficult to keep up with shows that aren’t available online.

    1. It says on the schedule that “Full episodes of Sherlock Season 2 will be available for online viewing for a limited time beginning the day after each national broadcast.”

      I don’t wanna wait another day! 🙁

  5. Well, that was really fantastic! I mean, I COULD nitpick the heck out of it, but with only 3 episodes every, what?, two years? — I’ll choose to sit back and enjoy the many, many things this lovely little show does exactly right. Looking forward to Hound next week!

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