Battle of the iPhone Cases

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From Left to Right: Ballistic HC, G-Form X, Otter Box Defender, LifeProof
From Left to Right: Ballistic HC, G-Form X, Otter Box Defender, LifeProof

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t be a klutz and I would never drop my phone. On the off chance that something happened to my device, like my six-year-old son, it would survive the experience unscathed. Yeah … I’ll hang on to that pipe dream. The reality is that phones get dropped. If you have children, regardless of how high you put your phone, eventually they will get their hands on it.  So, what is the best way to protect your device? That’s a question I have been asking myself since I first got my iPhone last year.

My first iPhone case was an Otter Box Defender. I chose it mostly because that’s all we use at work to protect company phones. Their customer service has been great when I needed spare parts and overall the cases worked well enough for what we needed. The only issue I have with the defender model is how bulky it is. For the price ($30 on Amazon), it gets the job done.

My second case was a LifeProof case. I asked for it for Christmas because it had high ratings and the claim that it could go swimming and survive made me curious. After my son heard me brag that the case could be dropped and the phone would survive, I walked into my bedroom to see him standing on my bed dropping my phone. “I wanted to see if it bounced” was his explanation. With that said, I really enjoy this case for its slim design and ability to withstand drops. The only bad marks it gets are for not coming with a clip and the price (average is $70 on Amazon).

Recently, I was given the chance to challenge my current cases against a couple of newcomers. First up was the Ballistic HC. It looked like an Otter Box wannabe, so I figured I would test it for a day or so and then go back to using my LifeProof case. It’s been two weeks and I haven’t taken my phone out yet. To my surprise, I have no desire to switch back. What I didn’t expect in the Ballistic case was the ability to make it as bulky or slim as I wanted. The outer shell is rubbery and feels a similar to my old Otter Box. The difference is that the outer shell comes off with ease and I’m left with a case that is still drop-proof, but fits better in my back pocket. A major plus was the price (average is $25 on Amazon).

The G-Form X-Protect has a great reputation. When I put the case on my phone, it was slim and comfortable to hold. Other than that, I’m a little skittish around this one. Since it doesn’t have a built in screen protector, I decided not to do a drop test. As for the price factor, I just wasn’t  buying it ($40 G-Form website). For less money, I can get a case that protects my screen. Granted no other case would look near as cool using it as a hockey puck, but a cheaper case will protect my phone from the abuse it takes on a daily basis.

So, here is the low down of the showdown….

  • Best in show for toughness, adaptability and functionality – Ballasitc HC
  • Best to use around water with added drop ability- LifeProof
  • Best to use if you want to play hockey with your phone – G-Form X-Protect
  • Best to keep on stand-by in case a pet gets ahold of the other cases – Otter Box

As with all products, you need to decide what is best for your daily activities. I’m never around a large body of water, so I can get away with a case that isn’t necessarily waterproof. If I went to the beach every day, my choice in iPhone cases would be different. For those lucky individuals who don’t drop their phones all the time, your case probably doesn’t need all the shock absorption that mine does. So, in the great sea of cases, I wish you all luck in finding the right one for your lifestyle.

Do you have a case that you swear by? Have you ever walked into a room to see your dog using your device as a chew toy? Tell us your device horror stories in the comment section.

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