Working On Your Contest Entries?

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Time to polish your entry for our first GeekMom Video Challenge! The deadline is April 21.

You (and your kids) have less than three weeks to create a video accompanying GeekMom Rebecca Angel’s gently sung but very creepy bedtime song, Monster’s Lullaby. The lyrics offer up all sorts of great potential movie visuals. Zombies. Turtles with knife-like nails. Disembodied arms. Rampaging monkeys. A bubbling pot of people soup.

Take a listen.

For details like rules and prizes (and to enter), check out the original post. For inspiration, check out the lyrics.

Monster’s Lullaby

Hush, oh my darling with terrors in the night.
Only mamma’s singing can banish out the light.
Death will surround you, softly like a sigh.
In this monster’s lullaby.

Think of the horsemen bowling with their heads.
Think of the zombies tucked beneath your bed.
Think of the turtles clicking nails like knives.
In this monster’s lullaby.

A tangle of string caught tight against your throat.
Boiled in hot soup: will you sink or float?
Monkeys smashing cribs, oh, hear the babies cry!
In this monster’s lullaby.

Close your eyes.
One- two- three.
Sleep my monster.

Echoing footsteps, but no one’s ever there.
A disembodied arm that drags you down the stair.
Falling where no one can hear your last good-bye.
In this monster’s lullaby.

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