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LEGO Avengers
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Ok, I’ve been trying to play it cool and not get my hopes up about the new Avengers movie coming out in a little over a month. There have been way too many horrible super hero movies made out of material that should have been awesome. Batman & Robin. Spiderman 3. Green Lantern. Need I say more?

So yes, I know this one was directed by Joss Whedon, and he didn’t end up quitting over creative differences or anything.

I started to get a bit more excited about the Avengers when I saw Joss Whedon’s panel at SXSW. He addressed a lot of the concerns I had. This is a movie full of heroes able to carry their own movies, and they’re all together for reasons that better be a bit more compelling than “Gosh, let’s all hero together for a bit.” Whedon assured us that he’d thought of this too and had found a way to both show the discomfort these heroes had with working as a team and the necessity that pushed them into that position.

There’s still a month to go before I can see if this is a movie I’ll sing tales about to my grandchildren, but in the mean time there’s this LEGO Avengers poster that’s just too awesome to ignore. Great. It’s made me want to go buy tie-in products on May 4th, too.

Well played, LEGO Avengers. Well played.

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2 thoughts on “LEGO Avengers Poster!

  1. And the best part is Disney and LEGO will be giving away 2 million copies of this movie poster on opening night of the movie.

  2. Nice. I hadn’t seen this yet.
    I too have very high hopes (It’s Joss Whedon!) and think they will be rewarded.
    On the Lego side I really hope we get a Nick Fury figure in the next wave of Lego sets. That would make two for Samuel L Jackson (after Mace Windu). Thus he would join the small group of actors to have two Lego figures in their likeness, Harrison Ford and Orlando Bloom being the others :0)

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