Prepare Kids For The Zombie Apocalypse With Zach Meets The Zombie

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Zach Meets The Zombie, Image: Lou Gaccione

If you’re planning for the zombie apocalypse, and you should be, then you’ve probably been studying things like The Walking Dead,  Zombieland and World War Z. These are all excellent sources of information about zombies with lots of ideas for what you should and definitely should not do when the dead begin eating our brains. The question is, have you prepared your kids?

This is exactly what Lou Gaccione wondered so he came up with a solution to the problem in the first of his Meet the Monsters series called Zach Meets The Zombie. It’s a kid-friendly and fun look at average kid, Zach, who just wants to go out and play a game of baseball, but has to learn to deal with those pesky zombies.

Lou has set up a Kickstarter to fund his project and print up 3500 copies of his book. Rewards for helping fund Zach Meets the Zombie include stickers, signed artwork and even a snazzy messenger bag.  He’s even made a Zach Puppet that you can download for free. We all know what to do when the zombies come, but isn’t it our responsibility as parents to be sure our kids are prepared, too?

Check out the Zach Meets The Zombie Kickstarter page, make a donation, and let’s see if we can help make sure our kids are all ready when the zombies start to roam. You can also hear an interview with the creator, Lou Gaccione on the most recent GeekMoms Podcast.

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