The Princess Who Saved Herself

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Image by Len Peralta, used with permission

I’m celebrating Princess Week at GeekMom by putting my favorite kids’ song from last year on endless repeat, “The Princess Who Saved Herself” by the fabulous and geeky Jonathan Coulton. (The poster above is by the fabulous and geeky Len Peralta, of Geek a Week fame.) On his blog, Coulton describes his reasons for writing this awesome princessy tune:

…my daughter is obsessed with princesses, so I am forced to think and talk about them a lot. None of them really kick ass as much as I hope my daughter kicks ass when she’s all grown up, so I made up one that does (she ate a whole cake!).

There’s a break in the song where the princess takes a call from the prince she met at the ball. It’s so hilarious to both me and my daughter that on a driving trip to Maine, we listened to only that song just about the whole way through Connecticut.

Here’s something even cooler. My favorite kids’ song of last year came on my favorite kids’ album of last year, Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti. If you love kickass princesses, go download this song, and the proceeds will benefit the Haitian People’s Support Project. Win-win!

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2 thoughts on “The Princess Who Saved Herself

  1. My boys and I actually watched a movie this week with a kickass princess — Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

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