Kids Graphic Novel Review: Fangbone! by Michael Rex

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Fangbone! by Micheal Rex, Image: Nicole Wakelin

My kids tend to find a comic or series of books they really like and then immerse themselves in it until every book is done. Recently, I received the first two graphic novels in the Fangbone! series by Michael Rex. I left them on the counter so they’d see them after school and patiently waited for them to notice. The 8-year-old saw them first and after a quick glance, claimed first dibs. She had her homework done in record  time and then curled up in a chair with her new treasure. Once she was finished, she moved on to book two and my 9-year-old followed her lead. They were completely hooked.

The first book, Fangbone! Third-Grade Barbarian, has the young barbarian being charged with keeping safe The Big Toe of Drool. He must cross dimensions from the barbaric land of Skullbania into our world to keep this treasure hidden. He finds himself in Ms. Gillian’s third grade class at Eastwood Elementary School and decides to blend in with the other kids, and try to build an army.

Showing up for third grade with a sword, horned helmet and fur boots doesn’t exactly help him blend in, but he finds a friend in Bill, a bit of an outcast himself,  who tries to show Fangbone the ropes. Bill introduces Fangbone to his teacher, the other kids, and the wonder of indoor plumbing. And on occasion he helps Fangbone defeat evil beasties sent by Venomous Drool all the way from realm of Skullbania.

Fangbone! The Egg of Misery continues the story as Fangbone receives a package from his home dimension. It seems his clan has sent an egg that will hatch a dragon to help him protect The Big Toe of Drool. Along with the help of Bill and his classmates, Fangbone tries to keep the egg safe while continuing to fight creatures sent to destroy them all. But will the egg hatch and reveal a dragon, or something unexpected?

This series, which has more books on the way later this year, was as fun for the kids to read as it was for me. Watching as Fangbone tries to make his way in our world is at times hilarious, as are the close calls with evil monsters. There’s also a heavy dose of gross kid’s humor, the kind that makes adults roll their eyes and smile, and makes kids break out in hysterics. Pick up both books now, and get your kids hooked on a wonderful new series!

Copies of these books were provided for review.

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  1. My son got the first book as a reward for finishing his first chapter book. He LOVED Fangbone. We’re going to be picking up the second book soon.

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