Easy Valentine Bento Ideas

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Valentine’s Day makes for easy material for cute  themed and bento lunches.  Here are a few quick and easy ideas that I’ve made for my own daughter using things we have on hand.


The absolute easiest idea is to simply use a heart cookie-cutter or cut out a heart with a knife.


For this one all I did was take some ham and shape it into a heart, adding some baby corns and olives for emphasis.  Any lunch meat will work.  You can also cut out meat or cheese with a cookie cutter or knife for those who don’t like sandwiches.  The little heart is couscous, which I molded into a heart by putting it in plastic wrap, making a tight ball, and molding it with my hands.  You can also mold rice this way (actually, I’ve found rice to be easier to mold than cous cous.).  A cookie cutter will also mold rice.


My last easy idea is actually a dessert bento.  I used a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out angel food cake.  But you can also substitute mini sandwiches for the cake and some veggies or cheese for the cream.

These are just a few very simple ideas using what you’ve hot around the house.  What are your favorite easy valentine bento ideas?

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