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If you happen to be planning a trip to Italy, then you want someone who speaks Italian as your guide. If you’re going to backpack through the Swiss Alps, then you want someone who knows the best places to stop and camp for the night. But if you’re a geek, and you want to check out a convention, then you want the guys from Geek Nation Tours.

Tours have always been a great way to meet with like minded folks and experience new places. They take all the quess work out of your vacation and free you up to have fun without worrying over the details. Now there’s finally a company that is addressing that need for geeks and gamers by designing tours to your favorite conventions and special events.

Miniature wargamers can take advantage of trips to places like GenCon or Adepticon and get some great insider tips. At this year’s GenCon welcome dinner, for example, you’ll get game tips from the hosts of The D6 Generation gaming podcast and Megan Culver, GenCon Director of Marketing, will be handing out your badges and saving you from waiting in lines. In addition to scheduled events throughout the convention you’ll be given ample time to explore and game on your own.

But what if your significant other just isn’t into the same geeky stuff you are and dreads the thought of attending a geeky convention? No problem. The folks at Geek Nation Tours have the geek-adjacent covered and will happily help find activities and events elsewhere in the city. In fact, at Adepticon they’ve devised the special Non-Geek Spouse Tour that includes tours, dinners and a limo ride through Chicago!

Check out Geek Nation Tours for details on trips to GenCon, Adepticon, Star Trek Las Vegas and even places outside the United States like Essen Speil in Germany!

(Geek Nation Tours advertises on The D6 Generation podcast, on which I host a segment.)

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