Happy Birthday Walt Disney!

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Me and my sister meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time (Image: Mandy Horetski)

I’ve been in love with all things Disney since I was very young. My favorite stuffed animal was a Winnie the Pooh and all my favorite movies were from Disney. This love was cemented when I was seven years old and got to go to Walt Disney World for the very first time with my parents and younger sister.

So I’d like to wish a happy birthday to the man who started the empire. Walt Disney would have been 110 years old today if he hadn’t passed away in 1966, which was 11 years before I was even born. I’m sure I’m not the only Disney fan out there who is thinking about Walt today. The Bradford Exchange even has put out a special Mickey Mouse charm bracelet in honor of Walt Disney’s 110th birthday.

Happy Birthday Walt Disney! I think may even play some Kinect Disneyland Adventures or watch Sleeping Beauty in celebration of the day this man, who really changed my world, was born.

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