Portable North Pole’s Free, Personalized Video From Santa

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A screen shot from my daughter's video (Image: Mandy Horetski)

I think the magic of believing in Santa Claus is one of the best things about Christmas. My daughter is three this year so she is starting to understand and believe in Santa. So she was really excited when I told her we had a video from Santa Claus just for her.

Portable North Pole (or PNP) is offering free videos from Santa that will come straight to your email. You are asked some questions and given the opportunity to upload photos that will appear in Santa’s book.

My daughter was so thrilled to get a video from Santa and she was so excited to see her picture in Santa’s book. It doesn’t take a lot of time but it brought some more magic for my daughter’s Christmas. I would recommend making this free video for anyone who wants to send a little Christmas magic.

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3 thoughts on “Portable North Pole’s Free, Personalized Video From Santa

  1. I made a ton of these videos last year! I made them for both of my parents as well (and then I blogged about it, lol). It’s always hard that my kids have less common names so they aren’t on the spoken list, and the sounds like changes the spelling of their name. Santa can’t misspell a name, my 4 year old would notice! Thanks for letting me know they are back. I’ll wait until after our December birthday, but I know Santa will be popular again. We play them on the TV using a connected laptop. Their eyes really light up!

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