Christmas Countdown: 25 Days of Dalek

From ezri_b Flickr photo stream

I have been on the search for the perfect Christmas countdown calendar. I’m not a fan of the boards with chocolate in them and, being geeky, most traditional advent calendars just don’t seem to fit our family personality. So when I happened upon this magnificent creation in the GeekMom Flickr group, I knew immediately I’d found the perfect fit.

This Doctor Who Dalek Advent calendar was created by Flickr user ezri b, who according to her Flickr profile is the mom to three boys. It is handmade with paint and felt. The Dalek’s bumps are felt pockets that you can put just about anything in. The creator of this version has put daily activities in each of the pockets. Each day an activity is drawn and completed in preparation for Christmas.

I am already making plans to replicate this calendar and add it to our decorations for next year. I’m already squee-ing with excitement. In addition to Christmas, I think it will be our own personal countdown to the annual Doctor Who Christmas Special, which airs December 24th on BBC America.

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1 thought on “Christmas Countdown: 25 Days of Dalek

  1. One of my fun activities is to think up and create an advent calendar each year. This is only my second year doing so, since my oldest is only 2! This year, he and I colored a big picture on 25 index cards in a big 5×5 square. Then we separated them all and numbered them. Each day we add one back, to create an advent puzzle. On the back of every card is an activity to do that day. It’s turning out so cute!
    I love this geeky calendar you found. It’s giving me inspiration for next year!

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