Your Geeky Pumpkins


Looks like it was geek-o-ween across the US last night! Here are the pumpkins our readers sent us:

Jack-O-Birds or Angry Pumpkins? Maxine not only made these awesome pumpkins, but she posted instructions so you can too.
Tori Michel made Wheatley from Portal 2, complete with glowing blue eye.
Amber wrote, "My attempt at Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas turned out to look more like Cartman dressed as Awesome-O. Minor Halloween fail." Not at all--we think it's a just dandy Pumpkin King!
GeekMom Helene carved up a whole geeky trio!
Finally, check out this great painting Nicole did of My Little Pony character Nightmare Moon.
GeekMom Kristen sent over this pumpkin done to promote the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD release.

Thanks to everyone who sent in your pumpkins. We can’t wait to see how you top them next Halloween!

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