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Even though my daughter just turned three, she has been really into both stickers and coloring for a while now. She is getting the point that she is trying to color in the lines instead of just coloring everything without carrying what the picture was. I’m a fan of stickers so I have a whole box of stickers that I use when I’m sending out greeting cards. My daughter would try and steal stickers from me, so she is always excited to get stickers that are her own.

So she was really happy to check out the the Putumayo Kids Africa Coloring Book as well as the Putumayo Kids Europe Sticker Collection. The coloring book, which is giant-sized, features mostly animals found in Africa, which appealed to my daughter too since she loves animals.

With the sticker book, she liked it though she didn’t quite get that she was supposed to put the stickers in the sticker book. They are reusable stickers but they ended up loosing their stickiness after being stuck on the laptop, on her, on me and other surfaces that weren’t the sticker book.

It was nice that both books were themed very well to be able to teach kids about different locations and cultures. Putumayo Kids offers sticker and coloring books for Africa, Europe and Latin America currently. I would recommend the coloring books for any child who likes to color, but the sticker books may be better suited for preschoolers and older since my three year old seemed a little young for it. You can find all of these books at the Putumayo Kids website.

Note: I received a copy of these books for review purposes.

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