Watch Need For Speed Stars Get Driver Training

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Dominic Cooper stars in Need For Speed. Image: Dreamworks.

Need For Speed is one of the most successful racing video game franchises ever, with over 140 million copies sold. Now, it’s coming to the big screen. The film will take you on a cross-country race, where the stakes are high and the speed limit is just a suggestion.

Just like the game, the movie is full of beautiful super-cars and outrageously over-the-top stunts that will have you holding onto the edge of your seat. One of the cars in the movie is the new 2015 Ford Mustang, which makes its on-screen debut in the film.

The Need for Speed preview. #FordNAIAS. Image: Nicole Wakelin.

Ford hosted a special 20-minute preview of the movie at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this month, and brought along the car and several of the movie’s stars to talk about the film. At the end of the preview, the cheers brought down the house and as one of the people sitting in the audience, I can tell you that gearheads are going to love this movie.

It stars Aaron Paul as good guy Tobey Marshall and Dominic Cooper as bad guy Dino Brewster. The two have a history, with Brewster setting up our hero for a crime he didn’t commit. Marshall even served time, but now he’s back, and the two are going head-to-head in a cross-country race.

A scene from Need For Speed. Image: Dreamworks.

Despite the mad driving skills of the two main characters, the actors are not so talented and both received a little driver training in advance of the movie. They’re not pulling off complicated stunts, but they got just enough training to look the part and skid across the pavement to make a grand entrance.

Check out these two videos of their driving school experiences, and then get ready to see Need for Speed on the big screen on March 14th.

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