Giving Thanks One Brick at a Time

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Here at GeekMom, we want to wish all of our American readers a Happy Thanksgiving!

This year make sure to take time to find the perfect turkey!

Lego Turkey by Ben of Kismet Art Blog

Even the most armed turkey tastes good with gravy and stuffing!

“Turkey” Tactical Response and Combat Enforcer by

Although there are a few turkeys that aren’t quite right and should remain in the wild.

LEGO Turkey by Scott Yates – New Technology Examiner

Now that you have found the perfect turkey, time to cook it up. Make sure to have that fire extinguisher handy!

From Titolian Flickr Photo Stream

Once all the trimmings are ready, raise a glass and toast everything that you are thankful for.

Time to feast with friends and family!

“Legoland Thanksgiving Dinner” Photo by Jenn C. on

This is what every table should look like Thursday Night after the festivities.

“The Day After T-day” Model Gal Flickr Photo Stream

Now that we have given proper dues to the turkey, it is time to welcome the Christmas season. Let’s trim the tree!

from ΞLLΞ∩ Flickr Photo Stream

And wait for the big guy!

Lego Santa by Lego Brickbuilders
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