A Steven Thomas Designed T-Shirt at Ript Apparel, Saturday Only!

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What would Ben Kenobi do to make money on Tatooine? I mean, he was a hermit, but he had to get money to eat somehow, right? And to keep his robes mended and Luke’s light saber in good, working order?

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 19th, a T-shirt is for sale at Ript Apparel that will answer this question. The T-shirt aims to explain what old Ben was up to, when it wasn’t dodging sandpeople. The bad news is that it is for sale for one day only. The good news is that it only costs $10. The shirts come in various regular T-shirt sizes, as well as being available in hoodie form, kid sizes, and even onesies.

The shirt is only on sale on Saturday, so don’t miss your chance to get this original design! It is done by Steven Thomas, artist of some magnificent space posters available on Zazzle. I have been drooling over these posters for years, and have longed to decorate my house with them ever since. I’m pleased to see that he’s still at it, creating geeky art for us all to buy.

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