Introducing GeekMom Book Dish! Episode One: Quinn Cummings

GeekMom Book Dish
One of the nicest things about being a children’s book writer is that you cross paths with all sorts of other writers and illustrators. There’s little I enjoy more than talking shop with other creative people. With GeekMom Book Dish, we’re rolling out a new feature in which I’ll indulge my love of hanging out with authors and artists, talking about books, family, and anything else that strikes our fancy.

In this first installment, the fabulous Quinn Cummingsauthor, blogger, homeschooling mom, former child actress–chats with me about her brand-new book, Pet Sounds, her geeky passions, and other topics. There’s even a lightning round at the end with questions generated by my children. Hope you enjoy! And if you have questions for Quinn, you can fire away in the comments or catch her at @quinncy on Twitter.

(Cool news about Pet Sounds: one dollar for every copy sold will go to Sante D’Or, an animal shelter on the east side of Los Angeles.)

Note from Natania: “Video is no new thing on the web. But we wanted to carve out our own niche. The GeekMom Game of Thrones Recap Tea Party has taken off like gangbusters, and while that’s got a fantastic audience of brilliant commentors and super engaged watchers and readers, we thought something faster and broader might have a great reach. We’re so excited to introduce Book Dish!”

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